Golden Goose Shit is still Shit

Don’t like my poem

the prose of my song

I apologize

For unlike your d*ck (phallic pickle )they are long . You only understand in miniature.

Bleeucck! Obviously only you would think in noises -so redundant . like the voices in your head I find you repugnant . No more choices . No more daylight. Idgaf u got stagefright.

Fourshee Fortinot Fortnight Stagefright. Up all night. Words bitch . Make me rich. Hate me if you must.

The end of the endless wrong way looms ahead scary the times I could of been dead . I found the answer in a three year old conversation we had in my head . My memory is not affected, I’m not a canine (or equine)you will bleed 🩸 the freak instead . This is your journeys 3pegleg, swallow the dregs and sit the cup down.Time to walk the plank. When you seen the bottle with the tag DRINK ME u shoulda drank, u have yourselves to thank but look me in the eye , stringbean. Hurry up don’t be late , quit knocking shit off my plate .  God come on destiny deliver me by delivering them to their fate

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