But.. don’t.. ok..you won’t, right? You’d NEVER do that to me; right babe?

He WILL and he DID. U loved him so he played u like a stupid bitch.
Bonnie n Clyde? It was Clyde & co taking me for a ride ..Evil shit.
He did it the whole time . Then pretended to get locked up I was fucked up n crying . All the lying.. so much poison lucky I didn’t end up dying , sitting round wondering why and shit .
It still hangs right above me . Nobody loves me . It’s so disgusting . I thought he loved me. Those frames those jacks /always hacked /he did those to me . I was crying he was laughing for cash this happened he was my MF enemy.
I was lost in time .LEFT BEHIND ..I was made blind …terrified.. taken for a ride..u took ur time.. or more like mine .
now I shiver.. all those times.. u tried to set me up the river .. gave it all to u cuz I’m a giver, bought ur BS so ur a winner winner chicken dinner,everyone would have me believe I’m a lowly sinner. I’m good on the tea is that paint thinner?
but now I sat at home alone U didn’t deliver . That time I read your text and was perplexed ..
I feel so dumb now… I asked u “ babe what’s a cash cow? “
Someday somehow karma’s going to avenge me you was all I thought I had .. but it’s all bad but now , right now I’m just now beginning to get mad ..
Knowledge won’t let me continue to be sad .. over something I only thought I had that was all an act , theatre live to be exact . And it’s all bad.
Here a lil song I wrote you might want to read it before I croak 🐸

But it wasn’t all make believe .. would you believe it was all some sick stupid game

You couldn’t fathom how many sick adult fking men there are to play . Not to mention a couple loser women. No qualms no morals nothing but bad intentions . Wouldn’t of thought they had it in them . People want to come up fast they’ll do anything for some cold hard cash .Everyone in the rotation oscillates around me above me , think nothing of me , they just to taunt n fuck with me. And take take take ! Even if it was just in my head it would be super hard to believe that I couldnt even conceive of a group of sickos were doing this to me. But I see the data , fuck a beta don’t like strangers , hello neighbor ! But it is what it is. I don’t need to understand WHY but just confirm they are doing this. It’s (sadly-haha) true I’m on the list .. like here we go.. I just wish it wasn’t so and that I had some sort of friend , a little control. They think they’ve got me me freeze as they generously ladle on the fear , especially of the police.. oh they will think you’re nuts.. even those times I called but the calls were rerouted to fake ones faking nypd accents .. they criticized and dismissed.. I try to rationalize with myself that the real ones are smart and wouldn’t do that.. but the thought instills so much fear just another tool they’ve amised to help steer Me back . Here is a hell of torture pranks subjugation and isolation.. way too many scripts.. based off sitcom playlists and computer games & media lists . I’m. a prisoner of someone else’s warped mind it’s so insane I’m so tired my life isn’t a game . I even know most of their names. Then tonight the story about a body in a dumpster and the hidden podcast on my sabotaged computer …after what my roommate said last week about thinking Scott will kill me I tried to ignore it .. Scott even texted me that last year when he called me a pig .. wtf? That’s what they want me to think.. they have no fear the cops will hear or someone will read my page .. cuz they’ve got my computers so hacked up n got me on a stage so I don’t understand I don’t think I’m even online anymore or have a real phone plan .. it’s just more money that’s sucked out of my hands if you’re reading this I’m sorry I know it sounds crazy .. but hey if you’re reading this maybe you can save me .. it’s not that crazy .. just their minds.. sophisticated hacking happens everyday to everyone happens all the time in this hacked life of mine. . They just want me to succumb they just want me to think I sound dumb I haven’t read any new updates by the way since 2016.. that’s only if I can count on that page not lying to me ( too) idk what to do idk what to do .. no one to call nowhere to go .. just part of their plan hope the rest doesn’t play out into their hands.. I’m just me I don’t understand why anyone would fantasize and play games about how I will die then say I love you n look me in the eye.