A lot like you/lover pretend to discover

Sometimes I pretend to discover the same mess I’ve been pretending to ignore on my phone..I do it just to let them think more of what they do; hoping they will leave me alone .. n please don’t kiss me thru the phone , in fact will l ya’ll eave me-the fuck alone ?

Leave me alone fuck ya’ll

When Ive really had enough, sometimes I pretend to discover the stuff that I am usually pretending to ignore on my phone except I don’t let on what for I know it’s all a wild goose chase .I do this when I’m alone ; twiddling my thumbs & hiding from drones. Welcome to the twilight zone I know, but yeah, I just start to “discover” stuff so I can picture them picturing me and that makes me sicker. Than sick can be .. well and these days – that’s my partying hard . There isn’t a devious bone in my body – not a one ok.. So tell me whyy I am suffering the results of someone else’s wicked ways? . Alone I sit bereft .. all my my days and nights are gone to theft . no one and nothing left.. And damn that fucking map maker wanted to take me on a pointless ride this time to the Eastside and the rustic little place called page place.. between the fake data and the real data. It can be confusing, but it’s still so easy to tell who is actually doing the abusing. N who’s a hata .. and now they start losing ! And I tried and tried to tell them , you just think you’re winning, stop while it’s still u doing the choosing ! But they don’t hear me… thinking I’m stupid. They’re too busy, cruising and then hiding away their truck but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a fuck when it comes to luck- when it’s up it’s up !!! I told you I would smarten up .. well I’m already smart I just had to let this thing run its course. Because in the end, it’s an eye for an eye, and a horse, of course is a horse. I could think of a few things worse . Like leaving here in a hearse. Plus I can choose a team & litigate .. that’s how I consoled myself all this time while they think I wait .. by saying at least I’m not going to suffer their fate !! now they can shrink under the weight of their own stupidity and hate. Told u don’t come round here trying to knock pork chops off my plate … with your secrete stupid jokes and your system web view remote . Sadly , for now,…. that’s all she wrote /So I think I’m gonna rock down to Oso Avenue and then I’ll take you higher. Oh no(no, no, no) . Ps never repeat a word to me and look at me; I’m sucka free & so will remain eternally . I can finally go to bed now you’re TF out my head.. hey I’m MoonGhost-Lyly. (In tune to Sandra D from Grease LIGHTNING; ending with distant siren growing louder)

Please don’t kiss me through the phone

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