My life, my half a decade nightmare

Something funny, everyone I know (which is not very many people) keep telling me to search on Zillow for homes, listing values etc.. just out of the blue.. like that. No context . no rhyme or reason … what the hell ?? why would I do that ?? the people I know are very strange and I know in my gut are very malicious in regards to me … ( have been for over a year ) and always seem to be suggesting to me to do all these things; and these things are things which make no sense, and seem to be nefarious in nature. I mean, I could almost smell and see, the precarious danger dripping off of the words launch through the air at me constantly . … It sounds like they’re giving a campaign speech to everything they nursewhich they pretend to say with absolute sincerity I know for certain to be complete bullshit. Everyone I know pretends to hate each other and will have absolutely nothing to do with each other and unfortunately the whole time I spend in one person’s company they spend the entire time complaining about or berating the other people that I know . One extreme example is between Drew and Scott. They pretend to hate each other and they make my life miserable both of them insisting on being in my room every evening do you pretending to have undying love for me, and he will look out for me when I know he is funny and just out to scam me and whichever way you can . I wish it wasn’t true, but it is in fact, when I met him last year, I said to myself that good looking young white man is the worst devil that I think I’ve ever met and that’s true except for in reference to Scott, Scott is the guy who has been staying here that my roommate took pity upon and always tells me that’s just let him stay a little longer. He is the guy I met online last year. I worked at Wells Fargo and seemed really cool at first until he got a stranger and weirder and stole my car and pushed me off a balcony at ventana canyon, and stold my dog. he finished up these lovely activities. They showing up at my house with a crowbar and busting out the windows to my elderly, veteran roommate vehicle. So tell me why my roommate would take pity on such a person and want us to let them stay. I have known my roommate a very long time. He is not the type to take pity upon anybody unless it’s himself I’m not saying he’s a bad guy I’m just saying he’s completely unconcerned about other peoples problems unless it’s a very pretty porn star . Sometimes he does all my money and it’s always a tedious intense time until I get him paid back. He can haggle you for five dollars to death. I always pay it back immediately.

Way back to Scott. When I first met him, he wrote me off line and said that he was a data scientist and that he could most likely help me with my hacking problem because I was writing a blog complaining about my hacking problem when I met him, he seemed very nice and versed into torrent of tears, which quite shocked me explain how his wife and child had just left him, and he had been very depressed. It reminded me of my own current state of Misery.. my boyfriend of several years, whom I believed myself to be very much in love with , had been mistakenly put in prison when we were vacationing in another state, and although he called me every day for the years he was away and plan to come home to me when he was released, he did not show up , he did not call and he was seemingly disappeared off of the map . I was heartbroken and forlorn. Everything I did was a disappointing search for him. I dreamt about him every night, and my soul screamed in agony 24 hours a day. Even my boyfriends father told me to check the morgue, and was of no help whatsoever, claiming to have not heard from him . Every day was hell then , between the agony of not knowing and all of the harassing things that were happening to me online involving people, I did not know ; I had became isolated from family, and had no real friends to speak of. I had been terribly dependent on my boyfriend before he went away because in the few years we were together life seem to take these crazy turns, and we became like Bonnie and Clyde always running away from this terrible danger, or this catastrophe, events and people around to seem to move so fast and so dizzy and leave and he was the only one I could trust and not always even him I guess you could say it was a trauma bond, and I was doing very terribly without him and now I meet this guy …. And this poor guy – I couldn’t identify with the agony that he felt. I took pity upon him and thought what a sensitive touching man. We became close friends over the next few months and I was immediately after the bond was established. He began acting very odd. For instance, he would miss placed things and then with a C mean Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde attitude turn on me and asked me if I had stolen them , this shocked me and panicked me to the core. I’ve never stolen anything from anyone but him being a banker and we haven’t been in trouble in the past. ( no theft but jail) it horrified me to the bone, because for some reason people are always acting like they are going to Ord to find a certain set of circumstances around me suspicious and the circumstances are usually in a matter that it’s financial, so I am always horrified and keep excellent book notes on all of my income, or lack of. Or you got a business license and try to start a business but ever since my return to Tucson my account keep getting hacked and what little funds I have or stolen I just don’t get it. I’m so glad y had accepted his help.. and now here he is blaming me of the most insane things. When I would see him, and ask him about this, he would act bewildered, and in a small voice, with loads of sorrow and bashfulness heaped upon, he would say, meagerly ,” it wasn’t me who wrote that” or “or I don’t know who” I’m very sorry” he would look so pitiful. I would believe him and I began to think well whoever is hacking me online is now starting to harass me in the form of my contacts and true to form. I start getting very questionable texts and emails from my contacts, which did not seem to be from my contacts at all … for instance, a friend I had that was a 55-year-old lawyer would text me and say “hey dude what’s up “And someone else I was very close to you to answer me back in a very formal manner and dismiss me . And then came the harassing texts… and by harassment, I mean every form usually sexual-harassment other times it would take the form of hatred or people, playing pranks or poking jokes, or just outright, making fun of me or calling me ugly . It was at this time I began to quit using my social media accounts, which was hard for me because as I am a contact creator, I depend upon those sites to get sales in business and fans … but every page I went on, and I would go to the normal ones Facebook, Twitter, my whole feed would be the people I had not followed, and they would seemingly all be talking treacherously about me . Making fun of me by name or referring to be in general using rude phrases and words with a C mean crowd of eager people anxious to leave comment after comment agreeing with their disparaging comments upon me . There would always be one amongst the group with a screen name that was ominous like night, stalker, or the joker, who would be making obsolete comments, which seems like veiled threats directly towards me, and I just didn’t want to bother anymore. I was beginning to get scared I was perplexed because I did not know where all these people I had never had any interaction with before I would be talking about me . I knew it couldn’t be true and I know people the majority of people have better things to do every day they gather in large groups and sit in yard about someone they don’t know all day. I couldn’t figure it out, and I began to wonder if I had just gone crazy . If so, I thought I could just go and get some crazy pills, and things would surely get better; but they did not. They got worse . .

Everyone , everyone I know would always be trying to talk me into doing this thing or that thing as if I can’t make up my own mind for myself. And with growing trepidation, I begin to notice that different groups of people at different times, who did not know each other at all, began to suggest the same activities and these were not common activities. Like bowling or the movies. Everyone I went around, would also parrot the same words redundantly so that I thought I might go mad if I was not already . And to my growing horror ; websites I went on, also began to reflect this very strange, vulgar overuse, and repetition of the same stupid words and activities. I just couldn’t put my finger on. It came exasperated, and begin to spend more and more time alone, but I have a big heart and I am also stupid and trusting because I kept meeting girls in need of a place to stay who are down there. Lucky needed help. When I did not run into these girls myself, some Noble citizen would suggest me and bring a girl to me I would instantly put my own problems aside and begin by taking the girl in and bite her clothes and feeding her and trying to find a way of helping her but over the ensuing weeks I would notice that all of my suggestions for help such as sending off for their ID, their birth certificate, fine police, reports, etc. they seem to shrug off or not complete them at all , they were also stealing my clothes doing weird sneaky things around my house and locking me out of my old computers. Stealing my IDs, making me strange things to eat over and over again it cupcakes, which always made me very sick. I said all this, in hindsight, I wish I could say that I noticed these things all as they were happening, but I did not . Each time my ID would be lost or my keys will get lost in my tire. Go flat I would think again geez I keep having the worst luck. What is wrong? I have always had good luck. ? It never occurred to me that different people would do the same things to you over and over and what for ? I couldn’t even fathom anything like that .. and the way everyone spoke around me, as if everyone was in on a big joke that I somehow did not get the punchline to let me know each day as my spirit sunk further and further, the something was going on, but I didn’t know what. By this time I was ready to quit helping these girls but when one came back needed a place to stay a second time when the ones who was not that bad I thought well the only thing I can do at this point is to take them in and observe them and maybe I could find out what is going on , by this point, I have made several, please report about the strange occurrences in my life and told him that I was hacked, and they seem to think that I was a bit loopy and there was absolutely nothing they could do even when someone spray-painted on the wall behind my house “you’re gonna die bitch and I’m watching you .” The problem is all the people around me, which is just a handful. I do not trust at all, and I would never be so inclined to do anything they told me to at all Matter fact, if they told me to do something I would probably do the exact opposite by nature anyway so here is a listing I did not look up Zillow, however, but seriously enough every website I visit on my own today which is not related at all keeps coming up with real estate listings and Zillow and government pages Know my browsing interest have nothing to do with any of these categories and these categories have been searched repetitively by me for months it seems I’m not sure why I go to my WordPress site I go to only fans I go to Amazon and that’s about it I’m so hacked I can’t do anything online ever but why they want me searching government and real estate sites is a little funny to me And this is Tim about to show this name of the particular gentleman whom it features has been repeated in some format or another. I never paid a visit over and over again in the past several months I even have an acquaintance (which looks similar to him, though does not lead a similar lifestyle . I’m going to be Sherlock Holmes and figure out this bullshit going on in my life. At least I got Scott out of this house. Jon always with his , “ We should let him stay just until it gets warm. “ Yeah you’re not the one he’s trying to kill off. He both enrages and terrifies me . He’s cold calculating, sneaky , snarky, a liar and emotionless and has done terrible things to me in the past few years I know he’s doing something terrible today as we speak. However, I cannot put my finger on it. I do know that all of my computers are hacked and have been since meeting him, my IDs are still in my cars are stolen. Need I continue?