Dream Worker by Susan Ashley

Dream-worker delves deeply into my dream; vibrations fondle anticipation foreplay wakes wide-eyed swells of liquid libido quake the rendezvous edge – a primordial being in his prime a masculine ego quest for affaire d’amour; her night-loving body c h a s e d around circular seasons across sky-cycles of solstice and equinox only to lose his bemusing muse in the shadow of the sun betrothed in throes of gravity a calamity for lack of wings the curse and the charm of a mad marriage; that which binds his life-blood to Earth guards her chaste gate to the divine ..tonight he is mine his cresting chants enchant the timpani of this earthy Venus — consecrating is his spell.. spindrift a magical mist spins a mindscape heady heart balm to soothe an ache a rub of windswept whispers and potent physical prowess e x e r t i o n and e x h a l a t i o n artful is the imagination’s mastery when surfing a rolling ridge of passion baiting and waiting to be the object of his misplaced attraction – ..wander-lust breakers whet my appetite.. I recline in need of a remedy a brunette arched in sultry spread raven tressed but born of the lava flow long ago a molten maiden of the volcano’s sacral chakra.. wild his seismic song! trembling the girlish cilia of this untamed flame-azalea excitement mounts my marrow and seeds my skin unruly is the meter of his rune – the romancer a poetic pyromancer conjures embers of my ancient titian spirit arousing the black pearl luster of my bed erogenous zone glistens; a secluded strand with carnal plans a tryst with the king of tides his majesty comes only with the highest rise unleashed the penetration of his greedy grasp against grains of glossy naked friction – grinding – Indigo Id silver-maned.. a savage romantic nomadic with tantric intentions in salacious supine I suit the urgent roil of his royal surf the weight of El Mar seizes the expanse of my thirst pressing upon stroking soaking my sable sands his yearn meets my cinders’ burn face to face.. I but a taste bud savoring the braise of his brine as he spills the brim with “love the one you’re with” secrets a muscular toy doomed in the pull of a magnetic bloom; the moonflower slowly unfurls her coy ploy her face in phases beguile and the fluid sensualist is foiled – the fertile flirtations of a dreamy damsel ..her night-side-negligee slipping from creamy skin bit by bit.. grows a queen fully ripe honeydew nudity flaunted in pearly light as his soulmate-swan bares her heavenly soul – an amorous play a drama in zodiac footlights; a buttery moonglade rides astride the trans-Atlantic pleasure-seeker cosmic copulation fraught with fate and flaw – a slippery wraith with the grace of Aphrodite’s cape.. an artiste as airy as a sparrow’s breath her glittery drape but only fool’s gold — ‘tis just her pale wiles strewn across his lonely miles a ghost of stardust-desires teasing but not pleasing till raven’s wings curtain the stage and a thinned crone wanes in a shroud of meditation I purr — a black cat ‘neath inherited hands of hedonism his slow-slide spurs my darkened pebbles’ shiver – I become the drum and succumb to thrums of percussive persuasions aquarian conguero performs a turbulent affair of improvisation cross-beats of crazed craves in swollen waves and surrender seductive the groove just before the hard rock gyrate as the devil’s dance splashes a thousand cymbals of the sea I swoon ‘neath his unselfish salt of satisfaction the unbridled thrust of his vow-breaking must in a state of continuous sinuous want – lovers binge on wet undulations; libation a liberation a frenzy of force when the moon is new and hidden from view my ebon canvas streaked a white abstract sea spume in shapes of lipping sensations – proof of passion in brushstrokes laid two sides of a triangle embracing the art of eros energy shifts when motion is stilled and inertia sifts when stillness is moved as the maiden goddess ascends playful her invisibility to naked eyes darkness swells undraped imaginations and worldly realities share a wild priority consentaneous simultaneous — momentaneous against the certainty of eternity over the moon onyx sheets ripple as we ripple in symmetry unifying if only briefly peaking peeking at the codex of heaven’s earthly poetry the muse of two fuse as one tryst-talk trololo escalates to a bow-and-violin concerto virtuoso verse created for the ages while we own the world amid twilight’s twirl of a midnight’s hourglass — then — leaving me as I lay a mistress mirroring the Milky Way galaxy’s nightglow consoles my afterglow star-crossed — a sonnet’s couplet uncoupled left to live on the linger of flavor clinging to my palate till another time when the next page is turned he withdraws a coltish Romeo in pursuit of a moonchild sheathed in mini-skirt shine panting for the curve in the re-emerge of her slender crescent his spirit a stallion blind to the altitude of her ambition this theatrical starlet.. the pale rose unattainable — shy yet sly in transform from a wisp to voluptuous before her well-rehearsed disappearance from the sky-stage tethered to the cycle of her mystery, his mania; the hard-drive of a frothy blue roan in full gallop ’til absorbed by the cushion of my ageless comfort – driven-hard by the bite of the bit the bliss of the whip reigns at the end of her feminine reins — a bronc bucking and rearing in relentless unrequited roam; male of magnitude fueled to ravish yet another distant shore I sure as hell envy! Susan Ashley July 16, 2022

Her poetry can be found at https://www.poetrysoup.com

I decided not to compromise my sensibilities even though at times it’s an act of futility
Manifest progress . Banish useless social posts from your mind . If it’s not feeding your positive progress don’t digress.. trash it or pass it.

A lover is not the only one you should press against your breast . Keep him there for most- but clutch your enemy there too but keep him compressed . think of them often as they think about you. Be ready to do unto them as they do unto you. Such negativity “sucks” but you want to banish what they try to put you through .. You must when they are actively tampering with you. When you successfully cast them out then you can return to the light and love that you’re really about.. but never let them have you live without . No life is without sacrifice but no one should have to pay twice except the ones who need to pay the price that thought for you it would suffice . Manifest a legion of warriors to combat , you need more then just protection when enemies attack .. it’s never too late to give it back from whence it came, would you rather sit and take it and let it drive you insane. Vindicate your name and stop the refrain reflect their poison back at them and make it rain down upon their black little hearts . You should of done this from the start . Love is not the only part of having heart.. tear those who oppose you apart.