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Passionate Love

Passion is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel; love is right up there with it. Combining these two feelings together can make for one hell of a wild ride and an almost unbreakable pairing.

Passionate love has the capacity to drive us to madness; propel us careening into experiences that we would have never taken otherwise. It makes our heart beat drunkenly and our mind to fog.

It is stimulating like the first sip of coffee in the morning. It can feel heavy, drowning us in just a whisper. Passionate love may be addicting to the point of intoxication, and it may also leave us dizzy and disoriented or in some cases: broken and at the depths of despair .

Passionate love isn’t always the best thing for your relationship. But while it has its dangers, it can also transform into something truly beautiful. The best and most powerful thing about passion is that if you’re with the right person, it can fuel a relationship to last longer than you’d ever imagined. In my case; well what was passion to me was more of an assignment to the other person; with paid leave . I did not know this until I had already been ditched and cast aside for sometime ; me believing these lies about an extended trip . Money moves people to do horrible things . But they have to be pretty awful people to begin with . Funny thing is he sold out . I’m about to be unbelievably rich, I was entirely true and giving and would have done anything . I put a plain normal guy on a pedestal just because well, I wanted to . Unfortunately it didn’t extend both ways; in fact I’m convinced the entire thing was an act . I’m using it to prove my legal cases. It closely ties in together . Dumb dumb . Never even said goodbye after I waited YEARS . Oh well I’ve moved on . But I remember what was probably one sided .

A deep kiss of passion
In a moment past
Seems to linger longer
in my memory of times past
Burning between our hungry lips

Should of known such a feeling would never last

Even as it’s missed

I have to speculate did it even exist

Wrapped up in a romantic reverie;
A feeling never felt,
Never known, never shown
Never till the present
As I stand remembering alone

Beneath the moons radiant cresent

One heart beat, not two
Our kiss is the rhythm of a drum one only I can hear
the primal beat within my heart
soon will tear me apart
That of which can’t be sung
’cause the lyrics you cannot fathom
I can read your mind
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