Pineapple No Pi

I wanted to sound of gushing about a past “love “(well I loved him. I had not known that he was my handler to keep me under control and out of the way. As well as set me up with whatever general malice was headed my way.) To this day I have to say ..say he was a stellar actor.. I mean the passion was like the real thing.. I could have sworn he loved me, unlike some of those horrible, horrible actors talking about adding insult to injury.. haha AnyWho he keeps getting brought up in this whole mess anyway, it was whilst perusing his Facebook pages back then always checking to make sure there’s nothing going on I assume going on would be with a girl or something like that I had no idea that going on would be something like THIS .. anyway, in addition to SpongeBob, my mom, whiskey, and peace signs, a couple Garfield and Odie to. He had the pineapple over and over again with the squirrel and the sponge from SpongeBob? In recent months, I have found a little page called pineapple pay, the catchy phrase immediately brought to mind the one and only evil genius in Chicago , one person in this world, who probably hates my guts.. the who’s responsible for this whole hacking epidemic I have been through .. he does a credit card payment system application thingee from his company, nelix Inc. I had not thought of him, and almost 20 years only to find out that he has been obsessing over me the past 20 very much up close and involved in the personal in my life … he’s so arrogant. He’s never been turned down by anybody or rejected I guess … but me how stupid I am the only time I open my mouth and stick up for myself and it’s against this asshole .. he’s behind this whole thing !! anyway back then I did not notice the similarity or coincidence .. nor did I know what it meant.. that was back when I didn’t think anything meant anything.. and ‘I love you ‘ was something that was true.  not to be confused with bless you or excuse you or fuck you.!! Haiku, Roku? Ach fucking OOO poor poor me boo-hoo you would cry too if it happened to you …wouldn’t you? Go on a murderous spree? Well, one of the actors as I like to call them described to me in step-by-step, blatant detail exactly how one might hang them self from the rafters in the garage (you know and this was before I was suspicious of him ) and I remember thinking it’s a good thing I’m not a suicidal person or I would have an exact blueprint on how to conducted it now and quickly succeed. Later in an outburst of unbelievable fury and outrage, I yelled to him. Thanks for the details on how to kill myself in case you were so lucky all of the bereavement you people have caused me had gotten me to that level. ’I wasn’t telling you how to kill yourself.’ he retorted inna nerdy and condescending fashion which let me know that hell yeah he was a secretly a puthon developer. OK SURE BUDDY And you also didn’t hack my computers when I cut you with them or rewire my electric when I caught, you braiding the wires together under the socket and sure you didn’t hack that webpage, and it told me that you were in jail and clearly showed it when you clearly were not. And you have no plans to shock me to death even though your email is voltage 411@gmail am I correct? And you didn’t hack me that time I caught you putting fake money into my Venmo account that registered on the computer screen, but not at the gas pump and the ATM?? Is that right ? and I seriously hope it was a fake money you were taking out of there too, correct? Oh boy, you don’t know how long I grimaced and swallowed. The rough lies that referred to me on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis I knew it was wrong, and I had a gut feeling that they were doing very bad things to me, but I didn’t have anybody else I had lost contact with everyone and I was so alone and I just kept hoping if I keep being good to this person, surely they will see the error of their ways and quit committing such hateful acts against me and apologize with tears in their eyes? Or start laughing and pointing and saying Gotchu and I realize that the whole thing had been a joke ; the joke have been on me and the whole time they were really setting me up to win a sweepstakes trip around the world, right? and all them will get together and collaborate over coffee, expressing warm thoughts of me routinely , yeah? That is SO not what happened.

as you can tell, I have no formal skill in writing. I am easily sidetracked. My phone is Hacked to cause more typos than normal or I thought possible, and I can tend to get a little confusing, crass, and angry. I apologize for everything and beyond those problems  you can’t be assured everything I say, here is true, or to the best of my ability to describe it, or believe it it is and I am still incredibly isolated so if you happen to come across this on the web and an experience in some sort of life crisis, which would cause you to actually read, it ; then read it and kindly drop me a comment that is actual words ;not just a smiley face /so that I know that I am actually online and if someone is reading it then that means I am successfully online ; though I have high speed service at my home, and on my phone ; constantly things I publish I find are not online .. I think I am, and then I find I’m actually on some GSM kind of phone service with no cellular data ; which leads me to the question …’where did all my fucking phone bill money go ??’ I find online is not always accurate often times. It is purposely wrong, hoping to cause me to have a wrong belief and embarrass myself somewhere or just mislead me in general. Seriously this is so not funny!! by the time I’m done telling this awful story you will wonder how I’ve been able to keep myself together during all this ; if you have not taken off anyway ..haha .. I don’t have money for a forensic investigator

.. more tomorrow or possibly tonight I will type (then several times, retype) more of my embarrassing ordeal because I feel like I’m running out of time and if I come back and find that this whole post is horribly misspelled or taken down or deleted I’m going to die. My life is really a devious game and it’s so incredibly lame. 

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