True conspiracies

here is a story of a collaboration where good for nothing people who have never been a part of anything good and their whole life or have ever come together with other people for the good of anything, have for the first time in their lives came together with other people and collaborated but not for a good purpose for fraudulent schemes and getting paid for them to cause personal harm to me in the form of anxiety possible criminal setups in general problems disease and many bad events such as car thefts phone hacking harassment hate and sex crimes and for my own personal containment. My phne was stolen by Scott

Scott leaves with my phone without permission ( not even first time)

My phone is “stolen” from him ( not even first device)

He loans me his and then tortures me daily about it ,saying hurry and get one ,I notice his “phone” is my old one that he still once last year, I got if back, ultimately it was stolen by a black guy named “tap” on grant and the freeway .. I made report , how did Scott end up back with it ? Everyone even ppl I don’t know are in association .

Last week he apple. Activation locks my phone ,, he does it from the apple developers page which he accesses thru my devices through MY STOLEN EMAIL ACCOUNTS as a developer ..I don’t know how to do that stuff however I’ve been trying to learn . So I am left with no phone on top of no cars because I have had ALL of mine stolen this year .

People that come around me acting as friends ARE REALLY NOT FRIENDS AND DO DAMAGING THINGS TO ME OR AS ME .


MY APPS ARE NOT WHAT THEY ARE CALLED.. ALL OF THE TEXT I SEE ON MY PHONE IS “TRANSLATED” AND LAYERED, ONE PAGE ON TOP OF ANOTHER. EVIDENCE AND JOURNALS I COLLECT ZND PUBLISH ONLINE ARE NOT PUBLISHED AT ALL AND ARE IN DRAFTs… They take them down or just make it appear as if it has gone up and it hasn’t. They are defrauding my online accounts n cards my cards are missing out of the mailbox and people stole my IDs. They are logging in as me and dirtying my name, stealing my intellectual content and running scam rewards points for cards on my phone ..or my account. Then later my roommate asks me about his points even though I told him last year he had accrued a bunch and needed to spend them before they were stole ad we were hacked and he didn’t even want to yelled at me and acted as if he didn’t know what they were. He has me he has me be his caretaker and handle his bills even though I cannot get paid or even apply for such a job but when I do his bills the other day I noticed his points are all gone only after noticing this and staying silent about it does he start to ask me about his points and maybe we can go and spend them maybe I can research around online how to spend them and he can spend them he calls bills and creditors all day everyday and says you can talk to my caregiver her name is Melissa she handles all of my affairs yet I do not access his accounts whatsoever but can’t help but notice since he’s been saying so his credit score has dropped dramatically.someone froze my credit score last year and made me think I had bad credit and I was unable to get any credit cards I just checked it last month and I had good credit and someone opened a bunch of cards in my name ruining it and now I really do have bad credit they just put a freeze on my credit freezing it and when they wanted to open a card they just called and removed it opened one and then put it back on so I would think to all affect that my credit was you lock me out of certain accounts by changing language or the keyboard map or something to the letters aren’t matching up and even though I’m typing my password correctly it does not work and then they are accessing my accounts from other devices which they have cloned mine with. I have made several police reports and tried several times to call please and only get an answering machine I know that they have to have someone answer. Other times I have called and only afterwards on the caller ID have I seen it is that I called the dog nuisance line..

Someone gave me this phone yesterday to use and I was so happy to get one after not having one for days after mine was locked up remotely by Scott or whoever and I did not occur to me that this phone is a setup and that another girl a large girl named Melissa has been using the phone and it looks like she’s been doing a bunch of illegal crap.

It seems plausible that someone would think I was unbalanced or coming up with conspiracy theories or schizophrenic with all these random things I’m saying but all of these things can be proved the second thing is why would people I know do this to me they’re supposed to be my friends well sadly I realized that there are no friends not in my life however when it comes to matters of money and there’s only one person in the world who hates me and swear revenge and it is Matt Schwartz of Chicago who is a very successful businessman and often flaunts his money around and talks about hiring people to do his dirty work I have personally seen him send my one friend who admit it to me $4,000 and whatever it was he won my friend to do my friend did not do thank goodness other people who are staying at my house as in Stephanie King if that’s her name and as in Scott would get $500 or more dollars sent to them every week and they would say it’s from different people often crazy people who you would not think would send money and it is not from those people those people don’t exist it is from Matt Schwartz in Chicago