Sex with a ghost

Oh the green green grass turns brown so fast

Of course they try to do the most

With plastic smile I play the pleasant host

And hide the blood in my eyes the gravel of my voice

But this time I know I’m having sex with a ghost

It helps block out the void of noise

When the silence bounces off the walls

I’ll never forget the silence was a conscious choice

The years planning in the end not to call the whole season you was aware of it all

The wizard behind the curtain Th

Thunderous intestines clinching

Sitting there stiffly

wishing it was you building a mystery

not just the piper paying someone else to diss me

As I forgot your face

Somewhere in cringeworthy history

But here it is unwelcome epiphany ur picturing me to the pink Floyd in your brain a victorious masterbatory symphony , getting a stiffy envisioning me broken as u tried to render me , pumping ur fist up n down alone in the dark rhythmically

As if causing me pain would lessen your misery

Hey you with your ear against the wall waiting for someone to call , can you hear me ?

Yeah I can MF , loud n fucking clear..

Though it did take me a minute my dear

What it’s worth Is far more then what it cost

Now some of you will be lost BUT

the whole gaggle of you can royally fuck off

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