One of the scams ..finally

, This Google app store app offering cash back is one of the ways they are scamming me and trying to set me up. I can’t believe actual humans would do these things* for money, for perverse fetishes. To me? feeding off of my anxiety? You should see my version of you tube. Years ago years ago I had a friend named Dusty appropriately so named and he used to listen to this black rapper amateur on YouTube called Don Dada. I mean the music was hideous if you can call it music and today I just remembered that and looked it up and was astounds Don Dada is now a skinny little white boy much like Lil peep and Don Dada a large Midwestern inner-city black man, has been renamed as alpoka to be this would be in the way back machine right just safe Google version which is stored in Egypt or somewhere? , it’s funny how my speech to text just spelled all that correctly as if it has spoken it before when it normally misspells the word” the” everytime. Oh flutter, test pilot,, Dottie, wonderful world of AI and fraud and subjugation)Cashback, Offers and More. Post script : I have such an aversion to writing all of this because I feel like I sound like a neurotic and morose individual with a fractured mind and matching body or Spirit haha but that’s why I’m not posting it per say but I am publishing it and just keeping it safe I hope. All of my vlogs are disappearing and for whatever reason someone copyrighted those silly things of mine.but. Alas the ad for the app

Earn Cash Back for Everyday Purchases – Starting Today!

Add Magic to Your Cards.

myGini is a loyalty and rewards platform that provides cash back and discounts at local and nationwide merchants, all for free. The app will show the offers within your 20-mile radius automatically.
Add your Visa or Mastercard to myGini and use your cards as you normally do. You will get cash back automatically at thousands of restaurants and merchants with myGini when you shop at any of those participating retailers.
Thousands of hotel and flight cash back offers are also available in the app.

You can also “Like” your favorite brands and receive notifications when new offers are available.


– Download the myGini app now and see all the offers available around you.

– Add or delete your cards as I needed by going to “my cards” tab at the bottom. You can link (add) another card or edit your existing cards from the menu.

– Choose from thousands of restaurants & merchants nationwide as many offers around you will be shown.

– Check out thousands of hotel discounts and flight options with our hotels and flights category.

– There is also a search menu to search for a specific retailer.

– Use your card as you normally do. No need to show a coupon or have a conversation with the store personnel.

– You can use your card with ApplePay, Google Pay, or shop at an e-commerce website or at a tap and go contactless POS terminal. As long as your card is linked to myGini and you make a transaction at a participating merchant with that linked card, you will be eligible for your cash-back reward.

– Receive a push notification to your smart phone in the form of a sales receipt every time you earn a cash-back for a purchase.

– If you miss a real time notification, you can track them later by going to notifications tab at the bottom of the app. You will have all your previous notifications in one place.

– My Rewards tab at the bottom of the app will show you the retail rewards as well as cash-backs together with the related purchases.

– Once your retailer cash back amount reaches $10, you’ll receive an email with options to redeem through thousands of brands’ gift cards. You will even be able to choose a cause to donate.

– No data is sold. Rest assured, we do not sell any personal information; we do not operate on a business model of selling any information. We only share your card information with Visa and Mastercard in a highly encrypted format as required by them to be able to receive your transactions when you shop at any participating merchant. That’s how we know you are eligible for a cash-back reward.

– If you have any issues, just send an email to and we will do our best to address your issue right away

Now mind you the hacker was mental problems named Scott that was staying with us all year after terrorizing us for years crazy as it sounds all last year kept doing the remotes that I would get for my LED lights and then telling me to download a genie app to control the lights I did a few times and it never controlled s*** I was suspicious and got rid of it well I now see that that app is the one that offers this b******* card savings I know my roommates card savings are gone too or his points or whatever and he keeps asking me to get on there and get them for him I informed him that he had a bunch last year and he’s been done he said no I can’t they’ll charge me and blah blah blah and now suddenly after they mysteriously disappeared he wants me to get in his account and proves and search around for a way to spend them I’m not that f****** idiot people think I am but unfortunately they are the scummy idiots I did not think they were I always think something is better than it is dress me up in diamonds dress me up in dirt haha that’s a double pun( shine on)n I’ll tell you more about it later

Is it for real? For the first time ever I doubted myself because it seemed so eccentric and so much of a far-fetched idea conspiracy theory etc but in fact it’s a not so fun fact. When in doubt don’t doubt yourself biatch