Before my cars were stolen each under entirely different circumstances and some of them sadly not entirely unforeseeable I had a girlfriend or two staying with me each of them pretending to be down on their luck and needing a place to stay. They would often ask me to drive them places all the time and because my anxiety is so bad and I have not been able to go to a doctor because of lack of funds and because of all the seeming weird crazy stuff that seems to happen to me everywhere I go I would want to refuse to take them after a while but they would pester me to borrow my car promising to be careful. After a few times you didn’t borrow it I started to notice weird things it would have more miles on it than I would think it was supposed to or they would be gone longer than they were supposed to or there would be people in it or something of nefarious nature later on much after that I found out that Stephanie King the first girl who was staying here the native with blonde hair was dressing up in my clothes which she never did otherwise and going to the salvation army box and robbing bags of clothes either from around it or inside of it when she returned home she would tell me that she had got these clothes given to her for us and give them to me to hang up in the closet the first time it was okay the second time however I noticed most of the clothes were for a man who was a 3X and I said who would give you clothes like this she made up some excuse meanwhile while all those clothes were busy clogging the space in my closet my real clothes which I purchased with my own money which were expensive and valuable designer clothes were disappearing out of the house most of them never ever came back a few sets of them would come back in and sneak their way back into my inventory without me even seeing them guess we’re always sneaking and doing laundry without permission or asking always doing a load of laundry or always in the laundry room doing something, a load of some BS.

All these people I know would strangely though none of them work there had any forms of income all of them would strangely come up with various amounts of money being wired to them or coming into their accounts or income tax and Stephanie was even able to buy a car and all these things I found out later that it was this man Matthew Schwartz wiring the money to these people for their crimes they were putting me through he sent some of $4,000 to my one friend Charles and when Charles did not do what he asked of him to do the Jew began texting me harassing me saying he was going to put a hit out on him and that he knew Italian mafia people cuz he’s in Chicago causing me much distress and of course it was a joke on me to begin with all except the money :that was real. I have not been in contact with Matthew Schwartz who I called the Jew and almost 20 years since he got very very mad at me in California he was my boss and we were dating and it did not work out and he became very angry and kicked me out of the house and fired me he had my car stolen and totaled or so he said he even stole my dog and had her phone to Chicago and only gave her back after I made various threats against him threatening to tell his family about his personal life if he did not send my dog back. But about two years ago I was looking through my computer and to my dismay and other curiosity I found a direct deposit form from his company located in Chicago with a recent date and year on it in my files on my computer by this time I knew I was hacked and I’m so stupid and slow I didn’t put two together and I thought oh my gosh I hope they’re not trying to hack him too so I called him up after all these years and told him about his direct deposit slip in my computer he said thank you! one thing leadto’s another and he came out to visit.. he smiled and said nice things but I could tell that he was feeling very cold towards me he acted as if he hated me his demeanor was very strange he also during this visit began dressing up as a woman without any notification to me beforehand and he walked out of my bathroom and out to his car dressed completely as a woman with a wig on and dress and heels in front of my roommate. At this point I began to panic because all your long I had been getting harassed by all sorts of random cross-dressing men asking me to do all sorts of terrible and deplorable things and I kept blocking them and changing numbers and they just kept coming anyway and I didn’t know where they were coming from when I seen him doing this this was a great concern to me. He also got a package FedEx delivered to my house that came from South America I seen the receipt on the package and it was some $1,300 I asked him what he had sent here and he said it was a truth serum from a bark of a tree that grew in South America and he wanted to see if it worked at that point he asked my friend Andrea if she would volunteer to be the guinea pig and consume the potion she said she would. I felt like they had spoke and private and had pre-arranged this conversation and I also felt that instead of her taking it it was me taking it. Needless to say she did not become more truthful at all and I began to develop a very horrible rash upon my face which would not go away it only worsened it seemed to be many ulcers they were not zits or a product of bad skin or hormones or anything else that I could think of I can’t get to a doctor because someone keeps taking away my access card and ripping it up and when I try and call the office and ask if I have it just like with my unemployment I am told that I do not. So as it became worsening and worsening I became more fearful and embarrassed and stayed in the house almost all the time which I almost was doing anyway because all my cars were stolen to my horror every page I went to online consisting of Facebook Twitter Reddit everyone there on my feed which is on my main page what I would see who were all people I do not know we’re all speaking about me either directly or and very blatant reference and talking about my pizza face and this and that and just making me feel horrible I tried to tell myself that this was purposeful real people weren’t doing it etc and I still believe that but the effect upon myself esteem and self-image was the same the harassing texts from crossdressers also continued as well as many new ones from all sorts of seemingly disgusting people who had nothing but terrible ugly things to say to me of a perverse and perverted nature someone even spray painted the wash behind my house crude statements of a sexual nature and wrote I’ll be watching you. One day I came home to find a man with a black mask over his face jumping over my back fence just as daylight was breaking my ride who was Scott instead of seeing that I got to the door had took off rather suddenly after asking if I had my key for a moment I was glad that he had because it was in my hand because of it and I ran to the door attempting to put my key in the lock and turn it to get away from whoever this masked man was there was a van in front of my house that had an Amazon sign on it. When I got to the door my key would not fit in the slot in other words it was not the key to my door anymore or someone had changed the lock I had been home everyday and had not seen anything like this take place nor had I heard it from my roommate. I began banging on the door and yelling and he opened it right away which is strange as he’s usually in bed at this time I began telling him I was going to call the police and I did so and when the officers came out before I had a chance to speak my roommate said to them hey guys give her a chance she’s not as stupid as she looks and after me telling my story to the police they look to be blankly and said okay what do you want us to do with a weird undertone to it you know as if this were high school and I were a nerd and they were the popular kids and I was an idiot I said what I want you to do is document this so that if something happens to me or if I come up missing there will be some reference as to what may have happened to me I could not believe that they asked me this I then told them about my hacking problems and my phone problems and they told me that an order for them to do anything at all to help me I had to not only find out the names of the programs that were doing it to me but how they were being employed to do so and tell them the name and the location of the person Manning those programs and then it only then would they do anything about it and they would make an arrest in that case they seem to say it was a turtle as if I would never find out. If I got intuition told me who it was almost all of the time the last year I have known but I did not have proof and as my phones are all compromised and my browsers all layered with words changed not only geographically but they’re spelling it was very very hard for me to do so anybody I met and asked to help me turned out to be just another one of these stupid people I mean there must be a club of them maybe some Craigslist adult group or something some hate forum. I got afraid to leave the house after this someone came along and slashed my screen to my window with a long knife all the way across I could always hear people creeping around on the roof or in the backyard or I could hear people entering and exiting our garage several times I paid to have the locks changed to see absolutely no difference in the noises one point I had the garage key changed and my roommate made me take the extra one off my keychain and tack it to the wall by the front door I said I don’t want to do that someone who comes over and visits will take it and I don’t know who’s doing what everybody here is doing something bad and he said no you put it there and of course it was gone when I tell him about this only a week later he pretends to be confused and act like he doesn’t know when he damned well knows I can see it in his eyes now mind you he is getting a little more feeble and forgetful but these are not the areas in which he is affected he masturbates support all morning long as his computer in the living room make it impossible for me to leave my room he often tortures and taunts me and after everything I say he says huh making me have to shout at the top of my lungs five to six times and retread my steps back into where I’m standing directly in front of him and then tells me he’s going to call the cops on me for yelling at him other times I will be in the bathroom and he will walk by going into his bedroom and say something smart alchemy or mean to me and I will murder under my breath you a****** which is not audible at all and he will say what was that you called me I don’t understand how I can stand in front of him shouting lip syncing and he cannot hear me after 5 attempts but he can hear something I whispered under my breath from a distance of over 5 ft away