Fake versus real

Inkitt is really ifft a web developers app . Inkitt is pretending to be a amateur writers platform. The first picture below would be why Dusty and other people were calling me sis and I had no idea why and this dates back 2/2 years ago. Also I found an app called covenant which is a anti-p*** for females app for females who are addicted to p*** and it’s on my device secretly and blocking my access to the normal web it is absolutely unnecessary to say of course that I absolutely have no problem with p***Snap search app is really not a browser but a product of Snapchat just like the webpage Scott was on at the hotel on 22nd last year( when he had just been screaming and ranting and keeping me up all night every night for a month or so long before he pretended to go crazy, stressing me out ,purposely saying cryptic things or very redundant terms I had heard all over lately on every “Twitter” or Facebook” I visited to cause me to be curious and search the terms, ever strident on trying to figure out what was happening in my life but it was a misfire I think . (Scott would purposely say things ; not accidentally giving away clues to me; oh no he was purposely saying things to have me search them to try to paint me in a negative light or tie me in with things that he or someone else was doing) anyway the page stripchat he was spending money on at the hotel last year was Snapchat not stripchat … My view of the web is altered if I am even online, or the pages are pre-downloaded and put there for me to search so that I think I’m online and I’m not I also suspect that I am not hooked up to the Wi-Fi network that I think I am I can never access the dashboard or change the password and it’s always so very slow and it’s not mine at all there’s also an unknown device in my house that is acting as the quote head vampire unquote and feeding all of these weird information to the computers in this house what ones that are left.. after studying up on it all year long and after hiring geek squad to come out and search for this device which they told me they would not as it was against their privacy policy, come to the conclusion that it may be the CPAP machine in my roommate’s room, the heater or the thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled I have seen all different screens on three different devices reflecting the same exact data on each screen before and did not know how that was possible, last year was not stripchat but Snapchat, so on and so forth.

Also photos such as the ones that I have posted here of mine have been altered so that when I retrieve them from my Google drive or Google photos or Apple iCloud and post them on social media I am banned from social media repeatedly over and over again or I’m late to think that at least for posting pornography when clearly I’m just posting a picture of me not even that bikini one just me and my dog but someone has altered the photo and put pornographic material in it or so I am told by the site owners. Other sites where I own stores on such as only fans vent box clips for sale etc keep writing letters to me saying someone committed credit card fraud when making a purchase for my store and so as a result they closed my whole entire store. I inquire to speak to whoever the manager is as I did not think it was a policy to shut down the Creator store due to the error on part of a would be customer. I feel that the emails are contrived and not real after many months of searching and researching material I find out that the emails actually come from a site called Gaia, and are not from the company with which I do business on and upon looking up that company the next time I get somewhere with a real computer I see that my store is still up and running and making funds just I no longer have access to it and even the email that I used to use to access it when I thought that it was open has been stolen from me this year I’ve had three emails stolen from me and even though I know the password and have the email and all the things to get back in I am unable to

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