Favorite pharm on El Toro

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Nova News talk about something I already knew , getting used and use to suffering abuse…at the hands of you is really old & belittling news of which I have no tolerance or use, it isn’t even fit for a bin of refuse. You failed to notice were no longer playing blues clues, your eyes on the mirror your head in the clouds too busy looking up to take a good look around , you were on the lift but you were going down,..Ha, sucka, you snooze you lose stupid, how ridiculous , to let ur overinflated ego exaggerate your confidence. don’t dwindle away your days in false conceit when u exploit your heartlessness all common sense will leave as I stand by quietly suffering under the weight of your cruelty now you can ” bear” it . Everybody’s got to fight to be free , over here suffocating under all the bullshit game u tried to run on me. You wanted an Emmy you thought yourself a marvelous actor..; thank goodness for my anger I used it to stifle my laughter, now here closes my life’s worst chapter, id avenge myself but you don’t really matter, u just served to demonstrate how even my life could be much sadder. Destroyed your shoot and sold your ladder. Tell me is this the recognition you were after \when u decided to piss my life away n throw yours in the crapper, as long as your pocket and head is swollen nothing else matters think you’re intellect will win over mine you are MAD as a hatter ( who’s cross-dressing as Alice)

when God said their is only one true way choose at your own expense n believe me Sun fate will recompense you didnt weight his words with any relevance you sauntered past the way to intelligence and stupidly stood in the line for arrogance with an oddly obsolete common sense u stood where it was overpopulated , dark & dense , with an over pronounced voice that was full of pretense , and a falsetto tone way too intense ,, you smelled yourself and dared complain about the stench .

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