When I first try to sign up to get the pay for caregiver because I was John’s living caregiver he told me that I could live here free and exchange for room and board I would be his caregiver and other pay I would receive from the VA which is who pays for it I kept having him to call there and he kept calling right in front of me and he would get a very rude woman on the other line who would say you’re not getting a caregiver unless she quote on quote has to wipe your ass..p this went on for several months with me not being able to contact them directly I was unable to find any information on them any numbers I called they would speak very strangely and a very rudely told me I had the wrong number and hang up. Finally I see it online where there was an application you can fill out right online and send it in but when I attempted to fill out the application I was unable to whatever component it is of the web browser that makes me able to write or type on the application was not working and I could not fill it out despite a week of attempting. I finally got the creative idea to ask one of my seldom visitors who I did not think were extremely involved in this matter to print it up on their home printer and bring it to me I was fairly unsuccessful in this for a few months until finally I got someone to bring it to me. I put it down on my dresser and went to fix dinner and when I came back it was gone it was nowhere to be found in the entire house. Enraged I asked another person to bring me another one and the same situation ensued I asked my roommate if he had seen it and he just blinked at me in a confused manner and said he had not lately he has been acting very forgetful and as if he does not know stuff and I happen to know it’s not an act because I see him get up early and do his texts and look up p*** and other websites and pay bills he only pretends not to be able to an effort to get me to do it and mess with my head or incriminate me in some way. Finally the last time I have someone bring it to me I put it in an envelope and fill the envelope out and stamp it and put it on my dresser and stay within eyesight of it until I can get to the mailbox. A tormentor of mine whom I had met as a hopeful friend and Ally he grabbed it up as he was walking by and said oh I’ll take it to the mailbox I tried to tell him to stop and put it down but he was walking hurriedly pretending he was in a hurry somewhere so I ran along with him I could insisting he’d give it to me but he would not and he reached the mailbox before me and dropped it in the slot however there was a corner of it sticking out and with a lot of patience I finally retrieved it and to my utter anger and horror he had changed the return address to a different state with a different name than mine and had also altered the sending address and sent it to the wrong VA department in a different state. I ain’t really asked him why he would do this by now I was getting very suspicious of people trying to thwart my progress and John seeming forgetfulness or extreme anger with no patience and a very short fuse when asked about it if I would question him however gently on anything he would be coming raged and make something up that I had done and expect to call the police on me since I have been in trouble once in the past for a very small charge of probation this terrifies me this is one of the ways he keeps me in control

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