My one car was stolen from in front of my house where it was parked in my driveway that was when Stephanie King had came to stay here and I remember right before it was stolen she wedn’t stood outside for a while when I went out to leave later and notice my car gone I found out that they had came and towed it from my driveway because someone had called and reported it as not belonging to this address I thought how could this be I’ve lived here forever I called around to all the tow yards and could not find it I called the police and reported it stolen a month later I find a letter under the mailbox under the trash box outside which is clearly fell out of the trash and it is wet and faded but it is from this towing company which says they found my vehicle and I had so many days to retrieve it or I would lose it the letter said like 15 days by the time I found the letter it was over 30 days and though I was the one who checked the mail mostly I never seen in the mail nor whoever checked it did they give it to me but instead threw it out without letting me know they do that with so many things