Scott tortured me relentlessly and continuously as well as torturing my dog so many times it was insane he then pretended to have a nervous breakdown and become a schizophrenic when I met him he worked at Wells Fargo or so he claimed lived in a very nice house in Oro valley was very professionally attired with a professional vocabulary and very prissy in nature. In the span of a year he had changed from that from getting fired to running out of money to have his vehicle stolen to having his phones and mine stolen many times to going into a diatribe at ventana canyon and flipping out on me and my dog and throwing me off a balcony and kidnapping my dog the police actually showed up and arrested him at my residence is several times. At first his mental diagnosis even makes sense for his very crazy behavior and I took pity on him and tried to help him but it was of no use his behavior was less crazy and more menacing and criminal he was always stealing my IDs and phones I would constantly catch him trying to sneak clothes of mine in or out mail in or out or signed into my Apple IDs or cloning my phone on his whereas when I met him he was a data scientist who contacted me because he said he can help me with my hacking problem he was now completely computer illiterate and didn’t even know how to get on Facebook according to him and instead of saying words like literal and corporate was now saying words like you know you know and f***. Then to my amazement he went from being a very rich and spoiled person with a master’s degree to being a random homeless person on the streets showing up at my house at odd hours looking very disheveled and unkempt talking about homeless camps that he was staying at or talking about being involved in activities which were and the least very disconcerting and usually criminal. My roommate was with alternate wildly between these times he would alternate between having pity and wanting to help Scott to claiming that he was a scumbag and he wanted nothing to do with him he wasn’t supposed to be around us at all that we tried to help him sometimes but every time he would come here and stay my computers would get messed up my passwords would change my work would disappear my money would disappear and people would play little tricks on me like my drink would have something gross in it my food would have a bone in it there would be sharp shards of glass on the bathroom floor where there had not been before and I would cut my foot open there would be needle spread in front of my closet one time a sewing needle went completely through my foot during these times he would also say things to me like the time he would use the term zits describing the terrible rash from an unknown origin on my face he would say let’s do this for your zits or let’s try to do that for your zits or he would mention ways or age or something meant to cause me to fail in my self-esteem as if I did not have enough problems already. Mind you he’s now a homeless guy who has claimed to have schizophrenia who has no money and nowhere to go and he’s coming to my house begging to stay yet talking to me in such a nature and doing such pranks on me he claims he wasn’t but it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out which person it is if there’s only three people in the house. One time he came and was being particularly mean to me and as I went to carry his little man purse to the door and kick him out I heard my roommate telling him he could stay that there’s no use being homeless and he could stay until he found a place to live this went against everything I ever heard my roommate say about Scott or anyone it went directly against statements John made in front of his nurse the following week when she was at the house anytime Scott walk through the room you kept saying get him away from me I don’t want him here as if he were here against his will and he was helpless to do anything about it. Also he introduces me to his nurse as his caregiver and she explains all his medicines to me and everything you know as if I’m doing the actual job I don’t mind helping and I hope to be paid for the job so I would always try one time she asked me to bring in his portable oxygen tank from his bedroom it wasn’t in there so I went out to the garage to look as he does not use it as I was looking around it for it in the garage I noticed a large brown box with a funny company name on it that had not been there before I could see it had had a mailing label which was ripped off I asked Scott where this came from he said he didn’t know and continue to punch away buttons on his phone I asked him a second and third time finally I scanned the UPS code or UPC code on the box and googled it and found out it came from China and that is contents had been a carbon monoxide tank or the gas you get when you go to the dentist the laughing gas I began to question him about who ordered that who signed to the box and got it out and all of this and hit it in the garage let me noticing when I remembered my true mission out there and went to find John’s carry over oxygen case I found it and before exiting the garage and taking it into the nurse I paused something made me unzip the cloth case around it and look at the tank itself it was not his oxygen in the tank itself the tank where his oxygen should be was the laughing gas from China which I looked and it is illegal to have that so I was going here I was going to go into the house just trying to help out which I would do for free and not be paid and hand over that woman some illegal noxious gas as if I had been giving it to that old man as if he used it at all I was horrified other times I would find letters written in a female hand and shoved around the house of all sorts of nefarious natures claiming love for someone some of them were obviously debt sheets for drug collections other ones were just blatant dire entries on I had nothing to do with that old man’s death and stuff which scared me to death and made me think that someone was attempting to kill him and blame me for it I made several reports online I did call the police several times a few times they came out however sometimes after calling them I would see on the caller ID that the number I had actually called was the dog nuisance report line anytime I would call Tucson please they would tell me to call marana please and when I called Miranda please they would tell me to call Tucson please and I wasn’t able to get through to anybody and I become frustrated I wasn’t even able to make a report online for so very long I finally found a link to a link to make the report however after making a few I noticed that the link from the police department page would send me to a page that was not affiliated with it anyway this would happen with every page I visited every link that my computer automatically generates for me has percentage signs in it and backslashes which I just found out a few months ago by joining the premier customers with Apple that it’s called normalizing the link when they use a service to cover over that link and make it look normal and cover up the backslashes and things in it which are there because it’s done and in nefarious nature and sneakily realigning you and sending you to sites other than what you thought you were visiting after I found this out I began to take notice of the sites I was visiting and I would see that certain words were very redundant and repeated numerous times on one page and that word would have nothing to do with the very nature or definition of the site. How’s the abbreviations for words which were similar to other words I thought I knew about the sites claim they were different I would see apps for instance named inkit and it looked just like the site i f f i t which was a developer’s site it even had the same amount of letters in the same position and similar words repeated all throughout the page however the title of the page and the web address of the page would read something different entirely I began to read more and more and more tech news and stuff I began to see that my computer wasn’t solitary on my network here at home it was part of a network and being controlled by other computers and that even my Wi-Fi was incorrect the DNS settings were manipulated and altered and I would call many times these companies to fix these problems it was about these times that my roommate start getting big bills and getting ripped off and scammed and I would tell him he was being scammed and all he would do would be to every time any credit or called would be to put me on the phone and give them my full name and so I was his caregiver and they could talk to me about his finances saying that he couldn’t understand them or didn’t know what to say I didn’t know what to say but I would do my best but he would always get impatient and cut me off and get back on the phone blabbing to them often times he would have me make a payment for him you know always making sure and giving them my name it is so obvious by this point that was so mad I began to tell my friend John who was coming over and it seemed like he was believing me and going to help me went to my horror I noticed that John was creating these events when I would go somewhere with him or here at my house in which it seemed as if you were helping me with something but in all sad actuality he was doing some harm or nefarious thing to me for instance when my car kept getting stolen so I had him keep it at his house for safekeeping he that his blind roommate take it who went to some store and robbed it and then nearly ran a woman over leaving the store so the police came to my house and told me when they told me I told them I kept it there because I couldn’t keep it in my own garage and I didn’t want to stolen and they asked me why I could not keep it in my own garage and I told them it’s because my roommate said no that it would not fit and the cop said yes it will fit and I had thought so myself but I was not about to argue with the Big kahuna my roommate would often get very nasty with me seemingly for no reason just out of the blue and called the police on me this terrified me and when he was not doing it he was threatening to do it and it wasn’t like we were having an argument to miscommunications he would just come up and make a big stink about nothing and call and do that however when he would have me sign into his bank account for him everyday and I would notice more funds missing and more funds missing he would have me call the bank and report it and ask for a refund but he would not call the police and make a report nor would he believe me that our computer was hacked and that he probably wasn’t even viewing his real balance or his real bank papers because it was hacked and I implored him to go into the bank and check finally just a few months ago he did go into the bank and checked and the lady that waited on us told us a falsehood she told me a lie regarding his accounts we then got our electric bill cut off and we could not pay it by credit or Bank anymore and had to be paid in cash at Walmart because they said it had not been paid for three times in a row since I have been helping him with his account to visit caregiver he has on his own quit paying his credit cards had solar panels installed and then fought with them and would not pay for them which I did believe he was right because I thought they were a scam something is not right with the solar panel something is a scam about them but my roommate would not call the police I would implore him to finally I would dial a place a few times and tell them as he was out there screaming and making a big show about it that my roommate was being defrauded online and I need some help they said I could not make the report for him that he had to do it. Other times when I was out driving in my van he has called and tried to report it stolen and they told him he could not only I could do it but it was not stolen he is called the police on me or when I have been gone he has told me that the police have showed up there asking questions when they have not or that you know the Workman from the gas company came out and said weird things about me all creating a sense of fear in me he would drive me away from home I would be in such a state of paranoia and fear that someone was doing something to me to set me up to go to prison that when I finally would come home I would spend hours searching my whole room making sure it was as I left it and there’s nothing of a setup nature in there at one time when I finished I said woo well I searched my whole room and there’s nothing in there that is illegal so no one has set me up because I noticed my window would open and close when I was gone and he said well you didn’t check the garage now did you in a very taunting and manner which made me feel threatened and like there was something in the garage I mentioned this to the police and they told me the garage would be his property and I would not be blameng for that anyway so not to worry about it. Then that Scott guy to my other dismay John invited him to come and stay here and I began to get so worried between the two of them talking to cryptically and obviously saying bad things while seeming to just talk about news anchors and so forth that I would get in my car and leave this was when I still had a car I forgot to put it in earlier but I would get in my car and leave and want to drive to the police station as soon as I would get a block or two away Scott would start calling me the people I know would start calling me claiming to need something need me to go there have an emergency you need me to come there, etc and redirect me in my actions and my destination constantly it got to where I knew they were making it up and I would ignore them or try to turn my phone off my phone did not even have cellular data half the time anyway I found out even though I paid the bill every month I would buy apps spending $20 or $30 a week for my content creation business I want to go back the next day and find them return to their unpurchased date with no record of my purchase remaining I would call Apple and they would say they had no records of me purchasing anything. My passwords would change and I would be unable to correct them because my number for password protection would be different than the one I had entered or even when it was right like now I enter it and the machine does not return the correct answer and give me my password it just keeps returning the first question over and over and over no matter which machine I use in the house or which friend’s phone I asked to use one or two very rare times I’ve been able to surprise A stranger by jumping on their computer I have been able to do it with no problem several mornings I would awake in a panic cuz I would hear my roommate on the phone talking to his creditors the same ones he would claim not to be able to call himself and he would be yelling what you mean Apple charges you got an apple charge on there I I have an iPhone I’ve always had an iPhone and I would get so panicked because I do not want to get in trouble for any credit card fraud he is always had credit problems since I moved in here and he’s always insinuated that it was I so I quickly ran out of the kitchen and ask him how much the charges were and paid him $67 and then he told the guy whoever it was on the other end well okay she’s saying that she made him and she’s paying me for it so I guess it’s okay even though I was not saying I made them I was just paying him so he would quit trying to get me in trouble when I don’t ever even use those and I would find out the next day when calling the company back myself over some curious anomaly I had found in his paperwork that there never were any charges or the card in question that he was calling with new charges on had been closed for over 6 months it was at this point that he would pretend to believe me about the hacking I have been telling him and a desperate state of panic for over a year we are hacked we are hacked please call somebody and he would say you’re crazy I don’t believe that we’re not hacked but when I was able to prove to him several things like this he would say we are hacked but he still would not put out the money to pay for us to get an act even though I would see funds dwindling from his account one time he went to the hospital with covid and when he left he left his gun box open and unlocked in his bedroom which it is never ever open and locked it is not even able to be by law because by law I am not supposed to be around a firearm for whatever reason and when I first moved in here over 6 years ago one time when I left the house someone had come in here and stolen several things from him I guess doing a shotgun of his so when I seen this open I got into a blind panic and quickly called around until I got a hold of a friend whose husband was retired military officer who then came over and took the key for me and lock the box up I was so afraid I was either going to be in trouble for being near it or someone would steal it and set me up sure enough no sooner they had it locked all sorts of weird people who had claim to be my friends before but I now knew we’re not and I did not call would show up at the house knocking until I let them in saying I’m here on official business John called me I swear each one of them would take long looks into his room at that lock box I could tell they were there to get that stupid gun another time the girl that was staying with me while he was in the hospital took off with his car and did not bring it back leaving me in a blind panic and not answering her phone another friend called the same one that John sent over to check on his house when the gun box was open called me having an emergency and needing his hotel room bill paid and he said it could take credit card over the phone I don’t have very much money at all but I did happen to have $100 on my credit card and so when I began reading the number to the employee they said something about the type of card it was that this isn’t a Visa or something and I said no it’s it’s my card it’s a prepaid card at which point they became very flat and disinterested and told me their email address and told me to email it to them, I became suspicious when they called the next day and needed me to pay the same amount again I wasn’t near my phone and John’s phone happened to be on the counter right in front of where I was since he left it at home I picked up his phone to email and my card number and all that for the bill again and I got a response back from Google saying there was no known cinder I mean receiver of that email address it was returned to me so I promptly googled the hotel in question and I googled her email address and it was not which one I had been given nor was their phone number they had a corporate email address of course and I was given a Gmail address and so I was just defrauded out of that money and I do believe it was an attempt to get me to use John’s credit card to pay for it because my credit cards were often robbed of everything I had robbed of every penny I had even if I got $20 on it even if I got a hundred it would disappear almost immediately usually when I got over to my quote unquote friend Drew’s house once there was this black guy here named Donald who Chuck’s Uncle Joe dropped off over here and he sent me money and then I watched him hack it back from my cash app people were constantly robbing me and defrauding me like this and people that claim to be my friends too I was so mad about this but fearing what my friend might say if I called me to report I did not however I made many reports on all the other instances I even called the police once to make a report about my facebook. Suspiciously which I know sounds so crazy but I needed to report these things and the police this time sounded as if they were from the set of NYPD Blue and talking in an accent to me begin to tell me various insults I’m like this is Tucson correct that scared me off from calling them for a long time and the next time I called I had seen a web page which told me a sequence of numbers to dial to un redirect my phone I did so beforehand and this time I know I was speaking with the real police they were very friendly and helpful and they took my report and a timely manner with manners and they followed up on their phone call any other time I would call the police not only would they not answer but I would have to leave a message which I would never get a reply to sometimes a few weeks later I would find in the bottom of my voicemail a message from them as if I had overlooked it as I would find with us several other businesses but I soon realized by taking screenshots that I had not overlooked them they had not been there to begin with and were planted as an afterthought one time upon driving home my phone kept telling me connect with your Wi-Fi cameras connect with your Wi-Fi security cameras and I kept telling John look my phone thinkthere are security cameras here was she quickly said must be my criminal friends or my crazy phone and wrote it off well several months later he’s having me deal with the bill collector for Xfinity for $700 with a security cams which we never ordered at least I know I did not nor do I see any on the house anywhere I checked the mail everyday and I answered the door nor did I ever see a box come however there was a girl staying here for a while a homeless girl named Morgan who had a lot of medical conditions who I took pity upon and was trying to help out even in my sorry state and when she was pulling the pranks and devious crap that everyone else was and I finally got rid of her she received a letter in the mail from the post office which I opened out of curiosity and it told her thank you for signing up you now have online access to all the contents of your mailbox and you can redirect them before they show up in your mailbox or you can have them held to be picked up whichever you choose you not have total control which would explain why I never got my packages or mail that I would so look for my unemployment got stolen for up to almost $5,000 of it I did not get nor could I call the company ever when I did get a hold of them they would pretend to tell me the same script they were reading over and over and over never giving any solutions never solving any problems it was so maddening one time my roommate went to switch his phone from Metro Walmart to consumer Cellular and to Port his number and meant I had to call the operator it’s usually a process of about 5 minutes however this process took over 48 hours with me speaking to operator after operator with them making me the same thing to them over and over and over again and claiming not to have the info the other one had for so long I was almost dying of anxiety the whole time which my roommate was throwing fit and screaming and cussing at me and telling me if you don’t know how to do it just so you don’t know how to do it it was an absolute horror story and on the last day when one of the operators finally came on as she was speaking to me in her hottie and professional voice I heard a baby began to cry in the background this is getting way too long and I know in all reality no one is probably going to have the time to read all this there’s more important things that I should be thinking of than just recalling all these things like I think Scott has been poisoning my food or someone has for a long time some of the symptoms I have always suffering are so often the side effects of taking the medicine that my roommate takes if it is not needed for you I’m so very hot in my room at all times I’m always calling the company to see if there’s no heating strips or some reason why it’s so hot in my room or why are Wi-Fi is always messed with and the account altered and when they come out to the house to check last time I actually heard them telling my roommate they were installing five more heating strips against my wall I should what that’s what I had them out here to check and so I wouldn’t ask them why they were doing that and they said well when your heater freezes up it’ll keep your house warm until we get here to fix it we don’t want to leave you without service and I said this is Arizona I have been so medically ill the past 6 months off and on with my face rash and just so overly hot I feel like I’m being cooked alive in my room once I got your temperature and read it and engaged a 94° in my room with the rest of the house being 74 the thermostat we have is Wi-Fi controlled and it’s designed for a realtor who often has to remotely set it and it is always tampered with and it does not read the correct number of what the temperature really is strangely enough it constantly reflects the screen of my roommate CPAP which I have been finding out is online and on Bluetooth and everything. I don’t have any real friends the only two friends I have that come around me constantly my roommate pretends to hate one of them the one that’s the most harmless and throws huge amongst stinks if he comes over even though he’s very polite to him and the other one he invites over all the time who I know is doing some weird things to me who just loan me his phone and I’m afraid of what they are setting up he’s not such a nice or normal person and I know that they’re not my friends by this time I have to be an idiot to know that they were not my friends plus people are always playing a little pranks on me not that person but everyone else stealing my cigarettes doing this doing that always taking my stuff and swearing not to take it they actually tried to manipulate me and convince me that perhaps I have lost it and don’t remember for two years random many different people I encounter keep telling me that I a do things then be forget that I do things and denied doing them and ask other people if they have done them and see that I get drunk and do this I do not drink I have not had a drink and over four or five years that I easily I cannot believe that these people who I don’t feel are nearly as smart as me but who obviously have some technical knowledge or insights that I do not it is really really degrading to me to have them knowing things that I don’t know and talking down to me and trying to suggest to me things and trying to manipulate my mind it is the ultimate insult on top of everything else that is going on I know they are nefarious I know they are idiots and I know they are here for the purpose of ill will towards me I’ve got tons of analytic logs saved but as they keep stealing my email addresses up and things keep changing disappearing I’m afraid they are going to disappear as my phone’s and computers do so often since a year and a half ago I have had roughly a computer stole every three to four months whether it be a laptop a desktop if not stolen it has a complete rollout breaks down and never works again or my phone will just suddenly say my password isn’t right