Snap medicare ?

Is this real my roommate keeps having electric bill taken out of his account and the tune of $250 every month which does not seem accurate but the electric bill says it’s a corporate account and it says snap instead of tep I keep trying to question them on this but can’t get any answers I know it has to be something else because the hackers can’t erase the real world that’s there they can just rearrange them and then I see this fake thing they put on the internet right now about Medicare tell me is this real I severely doubt it it’s just meant to make me search such things

SNAPMEDICARE.COM PARTNERS MAY NOT OFFER EVERY PLAN AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA. ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED TO YOU IS LIMITED TO THOSE PLANS THAT ARE OFFERED IN YOUR AREA. PLEASE CONTACT MEDICARE.GOV OR 1-800-MEDICARE TO GET INFORMATION ON ALL OF YOUR OPTIONS. Any personal information provided by you on as a result of your activities on, including clicking the “Get My Quotes!” button, will ultimately be provided to a licensed agent for future contact.

*The fields marked with an asterisk are required. To request plan information without providing personal information please enter your zip code or call 619-658-9210 TTY: 711

But on the page I seen it does not say call to see if you qualify is his call to get your quotes like who gets quotes on Medicare
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