Here I positively hate posting that crap here but I must post it somewhere and I think that this is online even though it makes me appear more than touched in the head and the data and someone equipped with the proper knowledge and computer forensics can’t quickly sum up and eliminate this very harassing problem for me so if there is a normal person unfortunate enough to happen across this please except my apologies and know that I’m not crazy and you should probably find some better reading after all I said and done I plan to publish an autobiography on my ordeal but it will be in chronological order and making sense without any run-on sentences or pre-programmed triggers or typos and in the correct format on the correct platform. Good Day .. like I said I don’t think it really is every time I publish a post I then go and find it in drafts where it has been unpublished, and it’s a good thing I’ve done something about this or else I would appear as a very unbalanced and confused creature more can more mentally ill than the tormenter who has traumatized me claims to be. I get I got anyone’s readiness beyond the occasional likes that I get because a like can be triggered; a comment takes more work or at least chat gpt or ai… Excuse me if I have the abbreviations wrong or the term entirely as I’ve said the pages on the internet that I see are badly edited downloaded versions of what once was. For instance I just found out that an app I had for contact creation collaboration and an online sales platform was really only a shotty and seedy local hookup / dating site. I know I could not see the real web beyond that because I have found a hidden app called the covenant on my device which cleverly blocks any pages contain adult content from women who have a p**** x x x addiction.oh my it makes me worried what they are doing with All my missing content, I can only I can only imagine the pages the real internet says I visit and it makes the idea of hidden cameras in here much more plausible that with all of the performances guests or Jon are continuously putting on at my expense…of racous yelling and just general idiocy and debaucherous screaming,etc . I’ve also found that the barrage of phone numbers that plague me everyday with calls that leave no messages are also coded much like the text that I read so that an 833 number is really a 520 number and local and anytime I search one of these numbers which I have been unfortunate enough to do it leads to these horrendous sex text advertisements for pages of the same sort the kind that I would often be plagued with over the past few years whenever Scott was around and my devices would screw up which are weird if I’m not supposed to be able to see adult content why would it let me see the ads just for a torturous tease hahaha God I need a ride and an appointment with the local authority which handles matters of this sort I cannot seem to find one no matter how diligent my search. Any suggestions? Also, the video I posted below is of me and my puppy when he was only 4 weeks old. Is this what you’re seeing? Or are you seeing me at all sometimes I peruse to comments left on other sites and sometimes they are so multiple in number I wonder why I never get a comment except for one of a degrading and propositional nature?

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