And I think my problems are in the software they’re using if there are game developers whether it’s on my iPhone or this Android in fact my iPhone could have very well been a hybrid of both but is due to the slow frame times or whatever stupid game they developed and of course you tube premium apps unwanted And unpaid interference ..all for the after party I guess 😦

Data types and metrics

Android vitals data is available for the previous 90 days in Play Console, and for three years in the Play Developer Reporting API.

Data is collected from users who have opted in to automatically share usage and diagnostics data from a subset of Android devices and OS versions. For more information about how Android users opt in to share data, go to the Accounts Help Center.

Android vitals is updated daily. Sometimes data for Android 10+ devices can arrive earlier than data for devices below Android 10. If this happens, you will see Android 10+ data available for days where only it is available.

Note: Android vitals metrics exclude technical issues that occur on uncertified device models, or on versions of your app that were not installed through Google Play.

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