poetess Gad

n ‘LVI’, registers as variable as the musical (‘My music’s no match for your melos’), the scientific (‘We count nerve cells. Measure the minutes’), the imploring (‘Give me what’s mine”)

Erotic love is to be treasured, its delights, whether physical or spiritual, welcomed. Love in Siren of the Heart is the longed-for experience, in which the lover is always ardent and the beloved forever inspiring. For this poet, what more beautiful joy can there be on the journey of life than love offered and received? Celebrating such joy, the poet says ‘In the Deep of the Night’:

I heard your voice
Gently intoning
Unspoken, entrancing
Sweet desire;
I felt our passions
Boldly entwining
To flood our veins
With amorous fire;
The melodious sighs
Will wrap us shining
And the shimmering joy
New sparks inspire

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