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COM Port in Win 10?

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5 posts • Page 1 of 1langassvePosts:2Joined: Tue 1. Mar 2016, 17:02

COM Port in Win 10?

Post by langassve » Tue 1. Mar 2016, 17:17

I don’t use the PCAN-USB very often so I might not remember it correct but shouldn’t I see a COM port for the device in device manager? at least the software I intend to use prompts me for it…

I get the “PCAN-USB” under “CAN-Hardware” in the device manager but nothing under “Ports”, no warnings or exclamation marks.

I have installed the latest drivers from PEAK:S web page.

Win 10 / 64

Thanks in advance

SupportPosts:1537Joined: Wed 22. Sep 2010, 14:00

Re: COM Port in Win 10?

Post by M.Maidhof » Tue 1. Mar 2016, 17:30


the PCAN-USB module is an USB device with an own driver. It is not a com port device.

Which software do you like to use? Maybe you need to install the dlls for the PCAN-USB, to be able to use the device by your software.



ToplangassvePosts:2Joined: Tue 1. Mar 2016, 17:02

Re: COM Port in Win 10?

Post by langassve » Tue 1. Mar 2016, 19:24

The problem is solved, I just ignored the prompt and everything worked as it should, guess this is how it feels like to be stupid :)
The software is dedicated for diagnostics on a radio receiver for an industrial remote control.

Anyway thanks for your help!


TopBasSupportPosts:1Joined: Tue 22. Dec 2020, 14:28

Re: COM Port in Win 10?

Post by BasSupport » Tue 22. Dec 2020, 14:30

Hi, I am having the same problem.
I would like to use a PEAK usb CAN module at a specific COM port but it doesn’t show up as one.
Is there any way to do this?

TopM.HeidemannSales & Support
Sales & SupportPosts:783Joined: Fri 20. Sep 2019, 13:31

Re: COM Port in Win 10?

Post by M.Heidemann » Tue 22. Dec 2020, 14:34


Like mentioned in this very thread, the PCAN-USB is a USB-interface and
will not show up as a COM-device.

PCAN-USB uses its own driver, which you can download using this link:


If you want to use a PCAN-USB in your own applicatiom, have a look at the PCANBasic API:

Best Regards



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