no you better count your money

if you don’t know me by now you never ever ever will, everyday is the same even when it changes and I know you still, I know who you are I know the things you do I know when you’re faking I know when you’re being true, is days go by the more I know. More I know the more anger I feel and I keep telling myself this cannot be real, but yes it is it it wasnt far for you to stoop,. There are an extreme narcissist your need to control and to make suffer astounds and disgusts me oh and it’s going to bite you in the ass and you won’t like it trust me, or I’m going to bite you but with someone else’s teeth because you will not get away and live in this same world with all of the shit you are doing to me, the ball is rolling the talk is ticking I’m not a stupid as you think I wish you were more intelligent so you can see that your stupidity and your games are so far beneath me pretty soon with your shady underhanded forwarding my phone to the other devices in the house is the only way you will ever see me,,. And that is going to be the last time believe me, I can wait it out there’s enough time to pass that you can again grow comfortable in your skin. Things will never be the way they have been recently ever again, now here alone I face the fucking interim, but thank God I’ve got a face you even tried to ruin that for me,