They keep wearing the cologne


just screenshot I took of my phone just as it popped up this thing to download the tiktok app now I think that my app is hacked or fake it’s just not right in some way so I tried to take a picture of this cuz I seen these over the years and I don’t know how people can scan it when it’s on their phone I know I’m a dork so anywho I’m trying to do that and it it opened up a box of different actions I could take and one of them was translate I hit that and as you can see all the text on the page which was curiously and ty and some indistinguishable language everything on the page started to change the letters started to turn orange and other things just like I see it doing sometimes when my phone is having a glitch in my texting area but yeah and I was writing on the page changed,. And just like I said before and when I would be reading one page but it would be seeming to talk about other things and I would find out I was really reading a PubMed article on some pharmaceutical underneath when I thought I was looking at Twitter so was it with Tumblr and it changed into Twitter

someone gave me a tv antenna(idk why.., I have tv.. but SO many people have given me antenna recently that I just crammed It In the closet(worth noting) But this guy Scott hooked it up. W/o asking,. It STILL Didn’t work that I could see. He was always doing those things but anyway this is what I found Inside

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