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James Gunn Says Vertigo Heroes Are Coming to New DC Universe

James Gunn Says Vertigo Heroes Are Coming to New DC Universe


Cody Mcintosh

Cody McintoshPublished: March 8, 2023DC Comics

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DC’s Vertigo was one of the company’s most popular imprints. That’s why it’s surprising how few of its characters have made their way to the big screen. Luckily, it seems like James Gunn and other executives at DC Studios are going to be giving them a bit more attention. We’ve had a number of DC Vertigo characters end up in media in recent memory, like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman or Keanu Reeves in Constantine. But those have been released kind of haphazardly.

Perhaps the rationale behind not leaning into some of these properties is two-fold. First of all, Vertigo was specifically created to house characters and storylines that were notably intended for mature audiences, rather than general audiences. Secondly, it’s likely that DC was too lasered-in on recreating the MCU formula. As a result, they really leaned into setting up The Justice League and bolstering some of their biggest heroes. Somehow, heroes like The Flash and Cyborg were left in the dust before the release of The Justice League, and it really just ended up confusing filmgoers.



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A fan recently reached out to James Gunn on Twitter to ask if we’d be seeing any other Vertigo characters, aside from Swamp Thing, who was announced as one of the ten films and shows coming to Gunn’s new DC Universe. He replied to say they’re looking into “a couple potential things.”

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Tons of fans are speculating that one of those things could be the return of Constantine, whether that means Keanu Reeves reprising his role or not. Hellblazer is perhaps one of the most integral parts of the Vertigo imprint. We could also see some projects that are maybe a bit more niche, such as Grant Morrison’ critically acclaimed The Invisibles. Maybe even a Sandman spinoff starring Death! There are a lot of interesting possibilities.


These popular DC Comics titles can never get their own DC movies. (Sorry.)The Adventures of Jerry Lewis

DC Comics

The Adventures of Jerry Lewis

DC had a huge hit in the 1950s and ’60s with a comic based on the wacky onscreen persona of comedian Jerry Lewis. The book started as a two-hander with Lewis’ original comedy partner Dean Martin; when that duo went their separate ways, the book carried on as just The Adventures of Jerry Lewis for another 80 issues. And during its solo run, Jerry began meeting various superheroes from the main DC Universe, including Batman, the Flash, and Superman. It’s tough to keep track of where Jerry Lewis stands at DC with all of the company’s reboots and restarts through the years, but maybe some NICE LADY! can tell us whether they’re still considered part of DC canon. Either way, here is one DC superhero who will not get his own DCEU movie.Amalgam Comics

DC Comics

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