Trash Can

Dump all of your energy

good and bad

all the way into me

happy or crappy,

even sad ,even mad

Im fuerte I can take it

i can take you, we could take it

To the end of the road if you want

As long as neither of us r fake we can make it

Time away from you oh how i hate it

Knowing that you want to

Do all those things you do

to me in every conceivable way

conjuring our recent sex scene replayz

in your head all day

losing ur keys forgetting ur wallet

Thinking of sex w you gives me such a rush

I can even overlook

When you sometimes talk too much

as long as you keep me near

dazed as a kitten under your touch.

You can do anything you like to me don’t be shy

You know I can’t tolerate that s***

if you don’t you’ll find out the wrong way this time

In case you go evil in case u r lost

Ill keep you weak

You wont be able to stop getting off

Any empty glitches of mind

Will be monopolized with me

your new obsession.

I want to please you own you control you

sad if i had to destroy you

But I have what you need and I’ll do what I have to do

And believe me so will you you don’t even have a clue

Your thoughts are drunk in the present phase where the sex is exhilarating and new

I’m there too n in between everything I want u 2 do 2 me

& the things I hope I don’t have to do to you

I hope you’re walking in these Wickd Woods alone Little Boy Blue

Because I’m tired it’s getting late and I’m already used to you but if you are

theres no limit to the hell I will reign on you

No bags of tricks n stories & whatever shit to put me through..

But if you are there is no limit..

Don’t do anything to me and I won’t do it to you ,except for every little dirty thing you want me to..i’m the venue im the menu so are you..ur underwear r tofu haha

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