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Chaos and Captivity is my only entrance in a world full of exits


  • St Andrew

  • Temporary notion

  • TikTok: how the west has turned on gen Z’s favourite app | TikTok | The Guardian

  • More and less of me

  • Gif Me one reason some similarities

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  • Music

  • Cash app

  • Time

  • Lick Back

  • doja—-cat haha FU

  • 3rd sphere of angels

  • It’s all your fault

  • Century Link Terms.. crazy the small detail

  • making me sweat

  • no tocas mi mal

  • Fuckery/Shared Tab Groups p

  • Phenomenal Woman

  • Hineni Hineni

  • Psi “porn module” bot

  • It gets deeper ( might need boots)

  • mi amiga la luna

  • dancing in the dark

  • It goes on n on whether you care or not

  • No way to say goodbye

  • No no you know wait wait

  • Get what you want!!!

  • Upstream vs downstream

  • Norman Crane/ what ugly brilliance

  • Angel in Reality

  • Despair

  • South of the river

  • Red wall

  • Gifs

  • Moon is not dim

  • About something else

  • Just another day of Antics

  • Talk to the hand

  • Funny

  • Screen video of mass text

  • vicuna et al

  • Love had taught me madness.

  • Weird crazy fake bullshit disguised as music

  • Look at this… 👀

  • T

  • Tweeks


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