INTRODUCTION AND SPECULATION I am me. As unique as an NFT . I’ve had plenty of names and will probably acquire a few more in my lifetime. I probably am as we speak with so and so and what’s his name. None of them matter whatsoever.. nor the reason behind the names or even the person who labeled it me so .. I wish I could say I’ve forgotten their names and the situations which gave birth to these indubitable names that condescend and defame/demean me: Clever tools employed by my torturer(s) that were branded onto me( into my butt jk) searing themselves into my psyche and working themselves into my soul.. They were just another way to be labeled and attack my self perception/esteem.. Can you imagine hating someone so much you spent all that TIME & EFFORT into BULLYING them while trying to remain anonymous & at the same time SHOW OFF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS ? As much as I hate to admit it .. I don’t hate them as much as they seem to hate me.. for all of their effort and damage to me, I am despondent yet can’t help feeling sorrow for them.. that their soul wrongly accrues & harbors so much hatred .. It’s probably only one of many emotions their brain perceives all wrong .. So despite their attempts to tarnish me in my own view and others.. I like Shakespeare’s quote…” would a rose by any other name not be a rose?” Or the native famous killer mom, Diane Downs’ poem, “ when this you see/think of me/bear me in your mind/let people say what they may/ speak of me as YOU find/


Continued.. Of course it would be . Source , the source is always to be considered.
In this case the source being composed of miscreants and criminals ; horrific fetish having individuals. Those Who pretend to be your friend but are something far different from what they represent… Someone who would think nothing of right in front of your face going behind your back and stealing your ID try to perpetrate some fraud against you.. Your credit cards in your name intercept your mail, reroute money from your account to theirs, blaspheme you all over online.. heck and seriously hamper your ability to get online still all of your webpages and all of your work and finally create countable numbers of fake profiles the plant in the very middle of each social network you were on to make it seem as if everyone there is talking about you so no matter where you go you feel as if you truly have no one or nothing..

why would an individual do that? Is what I kept beating myself with every night especially a friend who is so nice and blah blah blah.. i’ve learned that people hide their true intentions and have at least two faces one of which they only intend for you to see and that sadly people will do anything to anyone for small sums of money and a shot at temporary noterety. Hurt people hurt in this group of people who come together to hurt me for the first time they’ve ever been included in a group activity in their life so for the first time they feel like a part of something I feel smart and included in there so deluded. They are being used do the grunt work for an arrogant and pompous want to be millionaire big shot and they don’t know that the whole while they’re doing it he knows exactly what you’re caring and how it’s going to look. And they can take all the blame as he extricates himself from the situation entirely and probably disposes of them in the same manner that he thinks he’s going to do iwith me ; because we all know knowledge is a dangerous thing..

I , just as the fire that slowly burns eventually gets very hot which creates a situation ; revenge is a dish best served cold I hear. I’ve never served it, I’ve never had anything but happiness and goodwill in my heart but unfortunately the antics of these assholes have ripped a hole in it and snapped something inside of me. Which can never be put back together.. retribution is in order. No I’m going to do unto them what they tried to undo unto me.. but legally.. and all the names , fake situations, the damage, the thefts and lost opportunities and real relationships they deprived me of or put me through are going to fall away .. til eventually it’s only you .. then what will you do ? What WILL I DO is the question. You’re doing days are done ..

I keep my eyes wide open all the time
Program the brain not the heartbeat