Manifesto of Manipulation aka M.O.M.

I thought you loved me

But I guess I was wrong
tarot too
mad as a hatter
me walking home
undress me
lightning crashes
the way i touch you
anybody in there?

When I think Back to those tender days Of My ignorance and eager heart .. so impressionable Was I and accepting Of almost anyone . All I wanted (beyond love) was to be accepted and left alone. But I was mislead and misread and finally mistreated and grotesquely betrayed By those I held highest In my admirations . For a sūm now long gone they compromised themselves and me In the most hideous Of ways they created and joined In the heartless torture and circus sideshow my life had become. They had no qualms aboug lying to me, betraying me or breaking my heart. Visciously with their unchecked mouths they tore me limb from limb.Upon a strangers word they would perform like circus Monkeys and pūt and unknowing and trusting me on stage; exposing me to the world.. heartlessly putting on many unsettling performamces for an unwitting me . So successful were they In their endesvours; their envious friends on the side lʻine who Just had a single Act; .

Is this really happening?