Vuela con el Vientiane

You must make time every day to the powers that be simply be within you and a piece you must have comfort with then to spread comfort without you must be gentle inside to be fierce without you must pull all of the universe down into yourself and run it through your blood in your bones and use it for a good and then project that power out to somebody else who needs to help; Never forget to minister never forget to heal, you were put on this earth to be a divine priestess magic shouldn’t be concealed The . Sacred and Sexual energy of the mother and the goddess flow thru you ; are you, you have fused . It flows through you to the moon and back through you to complete the circle , Accept all the gifts of the Goddess; strive to be at one with them and then use their magic as your own .. you are a gift from the universe.. you have many gifts to give. your sexuality is your gift to the world.. use it wisely; dont get used .. Shy away from women with bad attitudes; and domineering men .. they will also have bad energy that will effect you. When you are next to a source of good , clean power devour it as if ravenous for life and pull all of it inside and align yourself with the universe and you will shake off any curses from the ignorant and envious . You cannnot Teach someone who just wants to take from someone, you’ve wasted so much time before . You can only heal , help those who wants to learn how to receive and give in equal measure! Blessings, vibes and pleasure! Foget about those one dimensional women Who were unworthy to be in your presence To thirsty to attain what was yours for their own . they will find another way to live … this is your world and you Have no rude for stingy or negative thieving people in it. Exact same goes for a lover find one who compliments you but that does not contain.. One who is strong of will but be stronger of brain. 

I waited for you to fix me but you did not arrive and as time slowly passed by through my hands it turned into sharp shards of blood red glass and following ancient routes of blood and pain through the veins it’s flayed me deeply open and as the silence became louder crimson rivers flowed and I was worried about you ; I wonders how you could do this to me. Then I seen that I was suppressing memories of your true self and had in effect, designed you into someone else in my mind in your eternal absence .. together you and I .. only fragments in time .. and they have shape shifted and fragmented and you in your wisdom chose to set me free and did never return but do you know how the salt of silence from what once seemed to be a passionate and caring lover hurts like a mother and the isolation I put myself in became the loneliest prison where even guitar strums heard spoke your name, spoke of pain and how you threw me away . Not one thing to say .. and after all of the element I was too dumb and naive and in love with you to see, I now see ..I was less for enjoyment and more for employment so I see why you never bothered to come say goodbye or that you were home just wanted to be left alone . That sears me so deep I think I bleed from my bones .. cuz I thought we were tighter, you and me.. no thank you , fuck you or good bye .. just on to the next chick.. I am betrayed and half dead,,, and so weary and disinheartened, but I hate to think you had no good feeling for me at all and I was only a cash cow.. but I am so many other things and have so many other things to be and do and I don’t want to live in a fake fantasy or with someone I can’t trust who doesn’t even love me as much .. tough luck but still a goodbye , a fuck you is in order.. all of the online trickery and well u know cars n shit n the cartoons n media .. you owe me something for my continued loyalty and silence . Say kind words to me , do the right thing . I won’t pursue you .. nope sir . Ok? But put all our history to bed in a decent way do it sits easy on my soul because I Aam becoming embittered with all I’ve been dealing with and almost did again ..ur secrets have always been safe with me .. what ones I knew for real :;(( 5206280753