Sound alikes framing games git hub /pub med

Everyone I know has been playing games on me for quite a while. I mean by that mental games by that I mean torture, constant torture, either in person over the phone or via the computer. When I’m reading a page on my computer. I often find that I’m actually reading something else. Actually I just now started to find out it’s dumped me for months and I will go on reading it all wearing suspicious like the national park service is Paige that’s really something else and I just found out today that they got hub I’m going into. Trying to get google licenses so I can get my browser unhacked. IS REALLY A page listing medical professionals in the area in their license numbers. AND I’M SURE THEY ARE DOING THAT FOR NEFARIOUS PURPOSES. IN FACT SOMEONE I KNOW LAST YEAR TOLD ME ABOUT A GIRL THEY KNOW WHO’S GOT THE SAME MIDDLE NAME IS ME BUT WHO IS A LARGE PUMP GIRL SHE WAS DOING SOMETHING TO DO WITH DR’S LICENSES, AND SINCE THIS PERSON THAT TOLD ME THAT IS ALSO INVOLVED IN HACKING ME I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT THE TWO AND TO GO HAND IN HAND. by the way, my webpages are layered that’s new for me that word I prefer to say hacked and I’m really reading the one page it’s buried underneath another page it would seem cell no someone buried it because they don’t want me to see that page, but they want to appear as if I have seen it really raunchy . I think that I’m done because they think that I’m done they’ve been giving me fishing bait for a long time. In other words they will let me think I found a kernel of information like a Darwin kirtle and they will let me go and search it on the Internet, but I know they go to such great links to hide everything from me. Why would they suddenly let me find something that would make a major indescrepancy on their part. They don’t want to do that so they put something there for me to find and it worked for a long time. Actually they’re pouring over the pages but they never lead anywhere but in a vicious circle, which usually ends in media advertising I did not know, however, that the pages are layered and there is a whole other malicious page underneath the one that I am reading you are some examples.what I thought was a site I found on GitHub, which was PHPBB. I’ve been searching for a meeting to BB for well over a year every since Stephanie stayed here and hacked me and stole all my IDs and credit cards and stole my clothes and everything in my car, I didn’t know why someone I was helping would do me so badly and what she always meant by dropping the mysterious BB term so when I found this webpage and get hub and then it was a large collective and repository I was very happy about it but today when I found out that GitHub was really a medical document and license site, just like the nefarious girl with a doctors license as last year ) and phpBB it’s really no repository raise it up build your own site for free but it was really WordPress which is evident in the picture below and more than that. It’s actually buddy press or something like that where they have chat RPG in it so the webpage blogs I think I’m building would really be one with secret open chat RPG in it owned by WordPress ( non wonder free) of course hidden streaming kits /cameras . Not Everything I search.It’s a double edge, sword intent to impale me me upon but most of it is.Why would someone want to do awful things and set me up? Why would someone want to work in groups to do so? What do they get to gain out of it? I thought everybody liked me. I do nothing but nice things for everybody but there is one person who hates me and he’s very wealthy. He also owns his own computer, an ATM style business, all software and hardware manipulation and ATMs credit, etc. building apps, blah blah he actually came and visited me last year after a 20 year hiatus. I thought he had forgiven me but it seems like he was just up to more of the same. You can tell by his narcissistic YouTube posts. just exactly what kind of man he is . Not forever do I give you the picture picture below the second mini browser page down on the right you’ll see it says PHPBB and it appears to be in get hub in a repository style format and the writing on it , etc. suggested that’s what it is .. it’s only repository, but when I put my browser in the background with many tabs open, it shows what it REALLY is and if you look at the left-hand corner of that page, you’ll see the characteristic W logo for WordPress. WTF? But not PhpBB? The big page I found on GitHub?? WP? I rest my case ! I wish I could rest my head. I haven’t. slept in over a year because of his hacking taunting stocking, taunting torturing. Multiply that example by like 20,0000 and u end up with weary and wary quite contrary me . Don’t frame me ! Some ppl will do anything for money