Who Am I?

I am a really nice and used to be sweet and naive person. I would do almost anything for anyone. When I met new people I never assumed they were or wanted anything other than what I wanted. I’m thoughtful, sensitive and I like to make people happy, I don’t like confrontation and I’m always very polite . Unfortunately the past few years I have had one crazy , unbelievable situation after another occur. I mean completely abstract, nearly paranormal things occurring. And always lots of people coming and going, almost in shifts. There we’re lots of new people moving in and out of my life too. It seems I couldn’t keep in contact with any of my out of state lifelong friends, and kept meeting new people who seemed to already know me . They’d become comfortable immediately, move right in.. They would fawn over me , make a big to do over me . At times they would even quibble over me . It wasn’t long before I noticed their actions didn’t always match their words. Some of them seemed disingenuous… but I didn’t pay too much attention to this at first . But It was then I started to notice problems with my mobile phones… when they weren’t being stolen that is… These new friends seemed great at first, but they kept creating or promoting these situations in which my phones would get stold by these sleazy people or in that something else high drama and highly suspect would happen. They themselves never had any money or jobs either. I would (stupidly) often times stupidly pay for everything . I had been lonely so long having moved out to Az from Illinois, and I craved company and someone to listen . What I really wanted was a boyfriend.. a serious , long term one.I had always enjoyed long monogamous relationships and my new friends seemed to just prefer one night hook ups, if even that . And every man around wanted to get in my pants . ALL THE TIME. It got to be real annoying .

Project Name
Pensive & poignant
Project Name

Hindsight is 20/20

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Project Name
I thought it was my BF
A little evil now
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Project Name
Always being silly’

3 responses to “Who Am I?”

  1. You are so alive. Wonderful photos.


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